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Catalyzing governance from smart strategy to effective implementation


Our unique ability to look at any issue from the viewpoints of all stakeholders — public, private, political, bureaucratic — enables us to predict how each of these groups will react to differently calibrated versions of any proposal. This knowledge allows us to collaborate with you to guide an idea strategically from conception to implementation.


Success for any organization’s initiatives — especially those in the public eye — are not merely about what you are proposing but how you present it. Our skills in coalition building and long track record of success with achievements — from local tax measures to statewide constitutional initiatives, labor negotiations to major land development projects — can assist your organization to make its case.


Our multidisciplinary experience in municipal law, public administration, and government budgets will empower your organization to fashion policies and programs that are cost effective, legally sound, and efficient to administer.

Plans are only a start: how will the policy actually work?

Marie Gilmore, Mayor (2010-2014), Alameda

From 1997 to 2011, Alameda tried – and failed twice – to spur development at the decommissioned Naval Air Station. The city would still be floundering had my City Council colleagues and I not adopted the imaginative strategy that John proposed and implemented.”

Christina Shea, Mayor, Irvine

“Irvine struggled for decades with Orange County Fire Authority over the complex terms of our partnership. When he became city manager, John swiftly negotiated an amicable solution to the dispute that protected both the safety and security of our city.”

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SynchroniCITY Associates

John Russo, Founder/Principal